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So what exactly is opacity? Opacity refers to the amount of light that passes through a fabric.

When deciding which window blind fabric to choose, consider your room’s privacy and light control requirements.

We recommend you to order free fabric samples here. Just select the blinds model and the color collection. Order up to 5 free samples.


Transparent fabrics allow the most light into your room while softly focusing the view. But while they reduce some glare, they’re not designed for privacy.





Light-filtering fabrics bring in just enough sun to light up a space but they will block your view and prevent others from seeing inside (although you may still see shadows of objects).





Blackout fabrics create the highest level of darkness by blocking incoming light. Plus, they provide complete privacy for any room in your home. They are recommended for bedrooms, bathrooms and media rooms.

The free samples are dispatched in 1-2 working days.

The delivery cost and times for samples:

  • GREECE, ROMANIA | €5.00 |  2 – 4 days |
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  • UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) | £20.00 |  2 – 6 days |

All orders over £200.00 or €200 enjoy free International Delivery. 

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